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By Michael Howard, Marketing Content Manager at Tradify


You’ve just won a few big, long-term jobs. Money money! You’re pretty chuffed and rightfully so. The jobs start in a few weeks. A small little alarm bell rings in your head and you initially ignore it. It doesn’t go away so you look into it. You realise that your team is going to be rather thin on the ground. Too thin in fact. You consider just winging it with who you’ve got but you know it’s not going to cut it.

So you start putting the word out there looking for more workers. You get a handful of responses. They’re ok. Some look good on paper but you don’t have confidence they’ll be amazing. You forgot how long hiring takes. Now there’s only 5 days before you start the contract. You make a move on the pick of the bunch, but he’s already been snapped up. Your hands a tied now, so you offer the job to next best.

Things didn’t end up going well with that employee, and deep down you knew that was going to be the case. But you did what had to be done, right? If you had taken your time, you would have run through the entire process and uncovered the true nature of that employee. Here are some of the consequences of rushing into hiring workers.


Rushing into hiring can cost you financially.

Making the wrong decision when hiring can significantly cost your business. Ultimately, the drop in productivity from training or getting an employee up to speed is often the biggest cost. It can take a month or two of training and adapting to your way of doing business. And if you have to let them go, you’re back to square one again, and have to go through the whole time-intensive hiring process again.


Hiring on a whim can take over your nights

Forget family time, footy training, having a quiet one with mates (at a respectable hour anyway). Dealing with the above will soak up a decent chunk of your time. You still have a business to run after all – jobs to be quoted, invoices to be sent out, work to be completed. All that hand-holding and running through the hiring process again meant you’ve had to spend your nights playing catch up. No-one starts a business to do this.


Jumping straight into hiring can damage your reputation.

Hopefully it will never get to this, but the employee you hired in a rush could either have a really poor attitude, turns out to be a cowboy, or even a has drug problem, which ended up costing you a client. And not just one client but others potentially too if word gets out. Review websites can be a trade businesses best friend, but they can also be the worst. It’s best not putting it to test, by ensuring your potential employees jump through the proper hoops when hiring – background and reference checks.


Hiring in a hurry will cost you great employees.

Making snap decisions when hiring can mean you miss out on great employees, as you’re no longer looking for employees. You can say this is obvious, and you’re right. If you want to know how to overcome this ‘obvious’ pitfall to hiring in a rush, keep reading – there’s one easy solution.


A better way to approach hiring

We recently held in-depth interviews with trade business owners on how they hire world-class employees. We combed through all their answers and put together comprehensive guide on hiring in the trades industry. Read the full guide here or check out the key points below.


Take an always hiring mindset.

This means you’re always on the lookout for great talent, not just when you need them. This may mean you’ll have to hire them when it seems you don’t quite have the cashflow to bring them on. But remember having the additional resource will free you up to look for and take on more work. It’s a short-term hit for potentially a massive long-term gain.


Take a step back.

You need to know exactly what your business stands for so you can attract quality workers. If they can see you’re a professional business that takes work seriously and stand for similar values, then half the task of hiring them is done.


Use subbies and contractors

If you win a job or two and don’t have the manpower to get the job done, have a list of trusted contractors on hand you can use ‘in case of emergencies’ (the more the better to overcome any availability issues). They might be more expensive than your own staff, but at least you’ll have confidence they’ll do the job to your standards.


Never shortcut the process

As mentioned above, the collective wisdom of the 20 trade business owners we consulted culminated to an eight-step hiring process. You’ll see below an outline of the steps.

  • Job description
  • Where to look
  • Shortlist
  • Interview
  • Background check
  • The right fit
  • Trials, tests, probations
  • Onboarding

Get sent more info about these steps here.

Whether your business is running well or you’re under the pump, this collated advice from your fellow peers will keep you in good stead. Good luck.


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