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When professionally landscaping, a project’s appearance is integral. Over time, maintaining initial appearances can fail due to a range of issues. Water damage is common with 83% of problems on site being water damage related caused by insufficient or lack of waterproofing. Waterproofing areas such house slabs (Slab Edge Dampness) to prevent moisture ingress, water features, raised garden beds, concrete slabs prior to wet lay paving or direct stick tilling, swimming pool bond beam and retaining walls as per the B.C.A standards and B.B.P of South Australia is crucial.

Reasons a landscaper contractor should waterproof;

·         Protect your work

·         Protect structures from water damage

·         Best Building Practices

·         Risk management

For the property owner, the minor investment to waterproofing is vastly more economical than having to rebuild should issues occur. For the landscape contractor, this additional step not only protects the structure, it provides the consumer with the professional application & guarantee BUT also safe guards the contractor of any liable action and remedial works.

The experienced team at Newtons Building & Landscape Supplies offer a range of waterproofing solutions from Mapei. Ask our staff for complete waterproofing solutions best suited to your waterproofing project.

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