Our members are involved in trades, services, products, design, contracting and management in the landscape industry. Our professional members can work with you to generate direct benefits for your business or home by improving property value and creating a quality, modern lifestyle.

Why choose an MLSA member?

MLSA members meet a standard within the landscape industry and must comply with the MLSA Code of Conduct.

Does their work show technical expertise?

All MLSA members are kept up to date with information on the latest industry regulations, technologies, products and services through product displays and meetings.

Are they bound by a Code of Conduct?

All MLSA members are obliged to comply with the MLSA Code of Conduct which includes a code of ethics, practices, references to statutory requirements, and a set of rules in relation to appropriate conduct and behaviour between members and clients. The MLSA Code of Conduct enables you, as clients, to know and feel confident that you are receiving an honest, reliable service.

Do they have appropriate licenses and insurance?

MLSA Residential and Commercial Landscape Contractor members who carry out building work are asked to provide licence details.  The MLSA Code of Conduct requires MLSA members to obtain statutory insurance where applicable.

How do they deal with dispute resolution?

In the unlikely circumstance of a dispute between a client and an MLSA member, MLSA will assist and try and achieve a prompt resolution.




Lloyd Sheen

Margit Wright

Craig Norman

Shane McMahon

Frank Ugody

Beryl Breedon

Simone Wirkus

Phil Green