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Basket Range Sandstone is the name of a deposit of Sandstone centered around the tiny hamlet of Basket Range, in the hills just east of Adelaide. 

The Adelaide Hills are part of a long mountain range which stretches from the Northern Flinders to Kangaroo Island.

The original particles of sand were deposited over millions of years into a large depression known as the Adelaide Geosyncline. This occurred in the Neoproterozoic Era around 1000 million years ago.

Then around 500 million years ago, huge plate movements of the earth’s crust formed a massive mountain range, many times higher than the current ones. After years of weathering, the Flinders and Mt Lofty ranges are the last remaining stubs of these huge mountains.

Adelaide’s early settlers preferred to use the locally quarried stone for the construction of their homes and civic buildings, rather than the native eucalypt trees. Similarly, most of the rural homesteads were made out of stone!

So the next time you’re planning a project, please consider the rich history of our beautiful Adelaide Hills’ sandstone and wonder in the fact that it is some of the oldest on the planet.


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