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Retain the life of your fence and fill the gap underneath your ‘Good Neighbour Fence’ or ‘Post & Rail’ fence by using an Under Fence Plinth (UFP) from Outback Sleepers Australia.

The UFP sits underneath the fence panel and prolongs the life of the fence by preventing the fence panel (steel) from sitting on the dirt and rusting.

UFP’s also allow extra privacy to be gained as it raises the height of your fence by 200mm.

Concrete Under Fence Plinths are not susceptible to white ants, rotting, splitting and warping unlike timber products.

  • 50 MPa concrete grade;
  • 2 x N10 reinforcement bars;
  • Lightweight and easy to handle on site;
  • Available in grey and charcoal;
  • Provides a long lasting and solid foundation to build your fence upon.


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