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Smart irrigation controllers have always been the clever way to ensure consistent watering of landscapes. Watering based on need, rather than time, the Weathermatic SmartLine in conjunction with a weather station factors in real-time weather data, seasons, soil, plant and sprinkler type.

Imagine having complete access to this system at a touch of a button, eliminating the need to go out to site. Whether you simply want to be able to turn your controller on and off remotely or have full irrigation management capabilities, there’s a SmartLink Aircard to suit your needs.

The Residential Aircard is the perfect solution for residential landscapes and garden projects. It’s simple to use, installs in minutes and can be accessed via smart phone, Apple watch or Alexa. It securely manages communication between your SmartLine Controller and the Internet using reliable cellular connections – no WiFi required. Plus, it has an unlimited subscription, providing value for money and no need to invest in a renewal.

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