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Nature Play is a movement which encourages our children to respect and interact with the environment once again.

In today’s tech-savvy society, the children are becoming less active and the concept of Nature Play is re-capturing the imagination of young Australians.

By creating a more inviting approach to exercise, landscapers around Adelaide have been using more stone in their designs than ever before. Evidence of this can be found in newly constructed child care centres, schools and public playgrounds.

The stone can be used to create sandpits, pathways, watercourses, castles, bridges, climbing structures, retaining walls and much more.

As opposed to wood, plastic or metal, the stone doesn’t fade, burn, split, scald, rust or deteriorate.  There are no sharp edges, termites are not a problem and virtually no maintenance is required.

In addition to this, very little energy is needed to extract, process and deliver locally quarried stone, making it a greener option.

For more information on the uses of stone, please feel free to contact Basket Range Sandstone on 8390 3420 or visit their website to view more photos.

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