Seeking Employment

Posted 13/2/19

Name: Matt Butler

Seeking: Adult Apprenticeship

Comments: Matt is looking to learn a trade as an adult apprentice.
He is a hardworking individual with experience working in stone masonry with Heritage Stone Restorations where his tasks included: repairing salt damage, building lime and mortar stone walls, rebuilding chimneys,
tuckpointing, and installing marble panels on high rise buildings. He also has experience as a labourer for bricklayers and carpenters.

Matt has completed his Cert II in General Construction and has all his basic tickets including PPE, and has access to reliable transport

Contact: You can get in touch with Matt by calling him on 0432 595 004 or emailing him at [email protected]

Name: Sam Clyma

Seeking: Work Experience in Landscape Design

Comments: Sam is a year 10 student a Urrbrae Agricultural High School with a keen interest in Horticulture and Landscape Design.

A requirement of achieving his SACE is to undertake 1 week of work experience in his chosen field of interest, Landscape Design. He is seeking to spend a week with a professional Landscape Designer to all learn about the industry he is considering pursuing a career in.

The dates of his work experience are Monday 8th of April to Friday 12th of April.

Contact: You can contact Sam on [email protected]

Posted 7/2/19

Nicki King Landscape Design has openings for freelance design work in 2019.

If you would like assistance with delivering high quality landscape design concepts to your clients, contact Nicki on 0409 484 204 or [email protected].

Posted 29/11/18

Name: Sarah Thornton

Seeking: Casual employment in the landscape industry

Comments: Sarah is passionate about gardening and landscape design and has the intention to enrol at TAFE  in 2019 to turn her hobby into a career.

In the meantime, she is seeking casual employment in the industry to develop her skills whilst she studies.

Gaining employment with an MLSA member would not only be exciting and stimulating for Sarah, but would also provide a foot in the door in an industry that she am truly passionate about.

She is ready and willing to give anything a go that would suit an inexperienced candidate and is able to start work immediately.

Contact: You can get in touch with Sarah by emailing [email protected] or phoning 0403 940 389.

Posted 02/07/18

Name: Peter Clarke

Seeking: Casual or freelance Landscape Design work

Comments: I am available to help ease your workload by drafting your designs. AutoCad, GCAD and Sketchup experience as well as 11 years’ experience in the swimming pool industry.

Contact: 0488 777 098 / [email protected]