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The Adelaide Comets Football Club are a local successful semi-professional football club in the highest SA soccer division (Premier League), based in the Adelaide CBD and they have recently completed their new sports facility at Ellis Park.

Unfortunately, due to budget restraints their Builder’s ‘scope of works’ excluded landscaping and this will be a direct cost to the club.

MLSA Sponsor, Gallagher, is acting on behalf of the club and asking if any MLSA member or industry supplier would be interested in providing ‘In Kind’ goods or services as opposed to payment.

The ACFC would like to see this completed sooner rather than later. It was meant to be completed 3 months after building completed in March but unfortunately no works has been made yet.

Scope of works to be completed;

  • Two areas highlighted in pink (photo below) are the clubs responsibility for returning back to Park Lands and landscaping
  • Remediation of the two areas (Includes removal of contaminated / compacted soil, irrigation install, prep for turf and new turf)
  • Area to the west of new clubrooms (former works compound)
  • Area to the east of new clubrooms (former Comets Clubrooms)
  • Irrigation will need to use current CoA spec
  • Soil should be a sandy loam
  • There is no issue with seed but would like to use a parkland blend with Kikuyu content
  • All areas should be made level prior to seeding
  • Removal of all waste to an appropriate depth (200mm min)
  • The area will need to be assessed by CoA horticulture to make sure it complies with our standards


  • Cost of the mounding or planting of the trees as indicated on the approved plans.

If you’re interested, please contact Tom DeSantis. 
D +61 8 8172 8013
M +61 488 001 696



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