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What does it mean to have certified softfall?

To help prevent injury, playgrounds are required to contain the correct level of softfall and must not contain any items likely to be a hazard such as rocks or other foreign matter. A product that is “certified” to Australian Standard 4422 provides superior safety characteristics compared to one that has “stated” compliance but does not have the relevant certification. Australian Standard certification ensures consistency and verification that manufacturing practices remain consistent over time.

If a product is said to ‘comply’ with a Standard, it means that the manufacturer has not undergone compulsory third party testing to confirm that their product meets the requirements of Australian Standard 4422. When a product has been ‘certified to’ a Standard, this means that a product has been specifically tested under the supervision of a third party and the product conformance mark is then applied to the product. Most importantly if a product carries a certification mark, it is strictly assessed for its ongoing ability to meet Standards. In essence, it is a way for the manufacturer to provide a guarantee of quality.

Certified product ensures:

•          Consistency
•          Relevant criteria for quality are met
•          The product continuously undergoes a rigorous third party audit and testing process
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