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By Michael Howard.


From lofty pay expectations caused by the mining industry to aggressive marketing campaigns by universities, there’s a number of reasons why it’s hard to find great tradespeople. But hope is not all lost. We sat down with 20 trade business owners to see how they tackle this issue, and uncovered smart things that can give your business the upper hand when it comes to attracting the best talent.


Creating an awesome company culture.

If you invest in making a great company culture, potential employees will see from a mile away that your business is an awesome place to work at. Ways to create a great culture is to:

  • Set three or four positive values that show how your business operates.
  • Fridays afternoon beers are the only way to socialise. Lunches can be used well, and they don’t promote a drinking culture within your team.
  • Reward your team for doing well.


Offering irresistible incentives.

Rewards like incentives keep your staff motivated and potentially working with you until they retire. Think outside the box don’t be afraid to mix them up regularly:

  • Constant recognition.
  • Random days off.
  • Annual overseas trips.
  • Fun days.
  • No overtime or weekend work.


Having aspirational career paths.

Many people move on to other opportunities because they see no future in their current job. So sit down with each team member to find out what they want to accomplish with their career. Then put milestones in place they can aim for to accomplish their goals.


No changing minds.

Just because you’ve got someone to sign a contract doesn’t mean the job’s done. Keep in touch with them and let them know you’re excited about them coming onboard to make sure they show up on day one.


Setting up onboarding.

A thorough onboarding process to gets staff up and running quickly and makes your business look very professional. Document every task in your business and turn it into a manual everyone follows. This also limits errors on the job, which makes customers happy.


Great branding.

Lastly, make your company the best looking business in town by investing in a designer to give your brand an overhaul. Everything from uniforms to company cars can look the part, giving you a really professional look.


Are you making your business stand out to job seekers? Action some or all of these tips and they could just be the difference between that hotshot landscaper working for you or one of your competitors.


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