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2 Catherine Street, College Park SA, Australia
2 Catherine Street College Park South Australia 5069 AU

SASS Garden Design offers garden and landscape design services to clients interested in eco-friendly living and energy efficiency, maximising their opportunities to engage with nature through strategic garden landscaping. Utlising Biophilic Design and Permaculture as an essential part of its design philosophy, SASS creates stunning gardens to save on resources and expense while contribuing to air quality and temperature control in the home.

SASS differentiates itself as a forthright leader in sustainability utilising environmentally conscientious products and services in every aspect of its business operation. No harmful or environmentally damaging chemicals or processes are used in any aspect of SASS operations.

SASS knows that the appeal of building what is necessary can also be aesthetic and environmentally beneficial. This venture is cutting edge and in line with current global concern for the impacts of climate change, and recognises the efforts of like-minded people wishing to contribute to the reversal of the effects of global warming, whilst maintaining modern standards of living, convenience, aesthetic and wellbeing.

Sophia Allani