Since the widespread disruption of COVID-19 both the federal and state governments have come out with a range of initiatives specifically designed to support employers of apprentices and trainees.

As your association, we want to ensure all our members are across these benefits and what they mean for you. This email contains a summary of the incentives that are available to support you and your business.


Are you an employer of an existing apprentice or trainee?

If you are a small business, currently employing an apprentice or a trainee and this person was signed up with your business prior to March 1 this year you may be eligible for the wage subsidy. To qualify, your business must employ less than 20 employees.

For eligible employers, the federal government  will provide up to $25,000 back to your business. The subsidy will cover 50% of wages paid from 1 January 2020 to 30 September 2020.

Business’ will be reimbursed up to $7,000 per quarter up to a maximum of $21,000 per eligible apprentice or trainee.

If you are eligible for this subsidy you should have received a claim form direct to your business. Simply complete the claim form and submit online.

If you have any questions regarding this process – please get in contact and we will do our best to support you and direct your enquiries accordingly.


Are you an employer looking to engage a new apprentice or trainee?

There are a number of federal and state government stimulus packages available to continue to encourage employers to take on apprentices and trainees within their business during this time.

Details of the specific funding is broken down below:


Equipped for Growth 

Small business’ within SA are eligible for up to $5,000 of financial support when taking on a new apprentice or trainee. The definition of small business for this particular funding is any business with 25 or less employees.

This funding package will cover upfront costs of taking on a new apprentice or trainee and is designed to assist with costs such as:

  • Recruitment, including induction and on-boarding of a new apprentice
  • Pre-employment testing
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Tools and equipment
  • Mental health and resilience training
  • Training and licenses

This funding is available via application, a link to commence the registration process can be found here

Paper-based application form 

Equipped for Work

Business’ with more than 25 employees who take on a new apprentice are eligible for $1000 in financial support towards the cost of the following items:

  • Tools, clothing and equipment
  • Car licensing, registration or driving lessons
  • Training and licenses
  • Personal protective equipment

This funding is available via reimbursement and can be accessed by completing the attached form and submitting with receipts and evidence of expenses incurred up to $1,000. The claim must be submitted within 90 days of the training contract being signed.


Are you an employer who has experienced a decrease in business turnover due Covid-19?

If you are an employer that employs staff and your business has experienced a decrease in turnover of 30% due to the pandemic, you may be eligible for the Federal Government’s Job Keeper stimulus package.

Eligible employers will be entitled to a wage subsidy of $1500 per fortnight per eligible employee for up to 6 months.

These payments will be made for employees (full time, part time and long term casuals). These payments will be made monthly in arrears by the ATO.

To access the job keeper payment you must register your interest to the ATO.

A link to the appropriate ATO website can be found here

Job-keeper factsheet


Additional information

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Financial support to hire an apprentice

Please reach out if you would like any additional information or assistance in obtaining any of these subsidies. Please note that the financial support incentives and initiatives outlined in this email are in addition to the standard federal government support that is available to employers of apprentices.

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