In response to questions from many of our members

We are looking for new and innovative ways to keep you all updated on matters that are relevant to you, your business’ and your staffing matters during this rare and challenging time.

We are continuing to receive enquiries from many of you and are working closely with our key government and industry contacts to keep up to date with information and changes that impact our industry and broader community further.

Today we have received a number of queries regarding how to keep our workers safe and what adjustments should be undertaken within our specific workplaces, given the need to socially distance wherever realistically possible.

MLSA staff working remotely

In response to the latest change from our Government, the MLSA staff have transferred to remote working. Non business critical face to face meetings are being held remotely. We have successfully tested the available software and can assure you that we are available and able to respond to the times and continue to work with and on behalf of our industry.

Advice from Safework Australia

Safework Australia have released the below information for employers which we thought relevant to share.

Stimulus package monitoring

In addition, we are continuing to remain across the ongoing changes and updates to stimulus packages and what this could mean for you and your business. We will continue to communicate this out to our member base as new information comes to hand.

Please get in contact with us should you have any specific questions you would like us to assist with.

In the meantime we will be continuing with regular updates and looking to help you navigate this unprecedented time in any way can.

Please stay safe and reach out if we can assist in any way.

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