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Do you love plants and being in the garden selecting plants, planting, weeding, looking for bugs, keeping plants healthy? If so, then landscape maintenance is the path for you.

In the landscape maintenance field, qualified horticulturalists work in the parks and gardens sector of the industry. These people specialise in maintaining parks and garden spaces, any area where plants (including lawns) need looking after. The spaces can be anything from small residential gardens to large industrial estates, local council parks and gardens, through to botanical gardens.


These courses are nationally recognised qualification, which means that you can use it anywhere in Australia to get a job and work in the industry.  To find out what is in each of the qualifications visit the Australian Government Training website, or contact ARO or TAFE SA to discuss what you need to do.

Develop skills and knowledge to work as a horticulture worker. You will learn about planting, recognising plants, plant nutrition, controlling weeds, pests and diseases, using chemicals safely, installing and operating irrigation systems, propagating and maintaining nursery plants, operating and maintaining machinery and equipment, and undertaking specialist pruning.

This qualification allows you to develop post-trade skills and knowledge across a broad coverage of the industry prior to undertaking higher level roles in the industry.

Develop advanced skills and knowledge in managing plant health, soils, plant cultural practices and horticultural trials, collecting data, preparing reports, developing strategies for the management of pests, and collecting and classifying plants.

Becoming An Apprentice
The First Step

If you decide that landscape maintenance is your chosen career, the best option is to find yourself an Apprenticeship with a landscape maintenance company.

Horticulture apprenticeships are for four years, and as part of your qualification pathway, you will also be required to complete a Certificate III in Horticulture, a nationally recognised qualification. Typically, you will attend TAFE one day a week and be on the job for the rest of your working week. Your on-the-job time will allow you to practise all the skills you learn in your formal TAFE course.

You will have significant theoretical knowledge and excellent practical skills by completing your apprenticeship.

If you would like to learn more about how an apprenticeship works or express your interest in becoming a Landscape Maintenance apprentice, click the link below.


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