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Mount Lofty Botanic Garden Support Group

The Mt Lofty Botanic Garden Support Group was formed in 2011 as a not for profit incorporated organisation by a team of enthusiastic volunteers to protect and help save the garden for future generations.  To continue its good work it needs your support and that of the State Government.


  1. To gather ideas about what could be done to maintain and further enhance the MLBG.
  2. To advocate for the worldwide definition of botanic gardens as cultural institutions concerned with scientific research, conservation, education and recreation by:
  • Lobbying for recurrent funding for adequate horticultural staffing of MLBG
  • Seeking government funding to further utilize the value of the rare and endangered plant collections for community  education and scientific research
  • Maintaining an interest in what is happening in the MLBG to ensure the continuing enhancement of the garden.
  1. To promote the tourism potential of MLBG and it’s unique environmental heritage
  2. To work with the State Government, the Botanic Gardens of Adelaide and the Friends of the Botanic Gardens of Adelaide to achieve these objectives.


Proposed Mt Lofty Botanic Garden Visitor Centre

Architectural expectations:An exquisite space for refuge and joy to compliment the site and contribute to the appreciation of the natural world and our relationship with it.  Low Maintenance, long-life, low energy. Potent without excess. 

Damian Madigan, Lecturer in Architecture, School of Art, Architecture and Design  University of SA

In an exciting partnership, the Mount Lofty Botanic Garden Support Group has secured the agreement of the Department of Architecture at  Uni SA for the architecture students to include this design project in the 2013 curriculum.  The Board of the Botanic Gardens has given its approval for the concept phase to proceed on condition that our Vice President David Gilbert oversees the project.

Importantly, the project will be supported by a working partnership between the Botanic Gardens of Adelaide, Uni SA and MLBGSG and will involve consultation with important stakeholders such as the Friends of the Botanic Gardens.

It is proposed that the concept will provide for a small structure which could accommodate the following functions:

  • Weather protection
  • Informal seating for rest and picnics
  • Information displays focused on the importance of the scientific displays in the Garden
  • educational activities for schools and other groups
  • Accommodation for either a mobile or in house catering facility.

A student plan has been selected and costing carried out. Now is the time to raise funds and

Your support for this important project is vital and will provide a much needed facility for the Garden.

Support can be directed to: The Treasurer Mt Lofty Botanic Gardens support Group Inc. PO Box 673 Stirling SA 5152

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26 May 2014